Oregon Legislation

The Oregon Association of REALTORS® is involved in policy and politics to safeguard your business and help protect the American dream of homeownership. Through actively engaging in the legislative process, REALTORS® are able to protect private property rights and maintain housing affordability. The policy positions of OAR are guided by the 2019-20 Legislative Policies adopted by the Board of Directors.


OAR 2019 Legislative Report

The 2019 Oregon Legislative session began on January 22, 2019, and ended on June 30, 2019. With supermajorities in both the Senate and the House, it was one of the most ambitious and active legislative sessions in decades. This report tells the story of the 2019 session as it relates to the Oregon Association of REALTORS®. We hope you find it informative and that it inspires you to get involved in OAR’s government and political affairs efforts.